About Kate

Kate coaches individuals who are in the process of making career decisions.  Answers to questions like, “How to stay?”, “How to go?”, “How to grow?” lead to career and personal fulfillment.

Kate’s coaching clients include individuals in career transitions, individuals seeking development in their present career, mid-career change, entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, and small business owners.

Kate began coaching in 2003 while a leader within a sales organization. The success experienced with that coaching led to further exploration and advanced education to become a Professional Coach in 2010 when she launched her own business, Inner Progress Coaching, LLC.

Kate holds a certification credential from the International Coach Federation, the globally recognized coach certification organization.


Kate has first hand knowledge of the work it takes to transition from one career to another. She experienced her first career transition in 1997 from her 16 year career as a physical therapist to real estate sales and sales management. This change was initiated due to a spinal injury that led to the decision not to return to patient care. She’d planned to become a Physical Therapist since the age of 12. Fulfilling that dream felt like destiny. For awhile, it was!

Kate’s second career lasted 11 years, first in sales as a top producer in her office then as an award winning manager of a terrific real estate team. An out of state relocation led to a third transition and her decision to hone her love of coaching and create her present business.

Kate coaches clients through the recognition and utilization of their strengths to take action to achieve advancement and growth in their professional and personal life.

Kate uses recognized tools to uncover a client’s strengths and assists the client in further strength development through action taking.


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