2 Reasons Worrying Fails


Sometimes events occur in our lives that are stark reminders of why worrying fails.

Reason #1:

ZERO ability to control the outcome, no matter what action was taken or how much time was spent worrying. In other words, worrying fails when we worry about something completely out of our control.

Example:  A beloved brother died suddenly this past summer. My family worried this might happen. Our worrying didn’t change the course of events. Our worrying didn’t diminish our grief.

His death provided me the opportunity to think about worrying and what worrying accomplishes.

When we worry about something that is out of our control, what are we missing out on? What experience could we be having, instead? What could take the place of those thoughts?

How about existing in the present moment, noticing our surroundings, using our senses, counting our blessings, embracing joy?

The act of worrying about something we cannot control won’t make us feel better or enhance our lives or send out some kind of magical, positive energy.

Worrying doesn’t create anything but angst.


Reason #2:

Worrying about something that we can change by taking action but we worry instead of taking action.

Example:  2 years ago, I was attacked by a dog while cycling. My right calf bears the physical scar of that bite and my mind has been holding onto the emotional scar of that event.

I worried that if I cycled alone I’d be bitten by a dog, again. (I wasn’t alone when it happened the first time!)

The only thing that particular worry has accomplished over the past 2 years is to have fear become more deeply entrenched in my psyche.  I ceased participating in an activity I love and is good for me, physically and emotionally.

Over the past several days, I took action to address this worry.

50 miles of solitary cycling has been my action.

Nothing bad happened! No dog bites! I feel terrific!

Inner Progress for me!

We’re human. We worry. It may never go away but we can learn to recognize worry. We can greet it. We can deal with it. We can prevent worry from diminishing our joy. We can choose action over worry.

These are attainable goals.

Do you worry? Does it bother you to worry? How can you change?

Change is possible.

Inner Progress for you!

I have a coaching program that addresses worrying.




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