6 Weeks Later

6 Weeks Later

6 Weeks Later

In January, you may have set a goal or goals.

How are things going?

In my last post, I used a simple illustration of my overall goals for this year, not a new set of goals and “Getting Back To”, as my theme.

The example used was the care of my bonsai, which I’d kept alive over the past few years but that’s about all I accomplished with them. They hadn’t bloomed and were in dire need of attention.

After 6 weeks of care, pruning and feeding, the photo I captured shows the results. Delighted!

It’s great to have goals that are easily measured.

What about the other goals?

How do you measure your progress? Do you measure your progress?

Action taking is crucial to change and transformation.

How do we know if the actions we are taking make a difference?

If this year’s focus is on your career or personal growth, what are you measuring?

If this year’s focus is on money, how are you measuring your results?

If this year’s focus is on your health, how are you measuring your progress?

If this year’s focus is on friends, family, a significant other, how do you know those relationships are improving?

If you decided to focus greater energy on fun, recreation, or your physical environment, how are things going?

Some people find it easy to be reflective and have no difficulty measuring their change and progress.

For others, it takes assistance, encouragement and support.

A professional coach will focus on your evolution in a supportive and challenging environment.

#Inner Progress!

Go for it!







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