A Big Question Pondered


originally posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2012


While composing a note of congratulations and gratitude to my minister on her 25th year leading the congregation I had attended, my mind drifted back to our first in-depth conversation.

We were having lunch.  It was a ‘getting to know one another better’ kind of gathering.  I was telling her what I “did” for a living.

When I was 12, I’d set my sights on a particular career and held onto that goal with a laser focus.

Went to college to accomplish that goal and remained in that career for many years.  I was in that career at the time of this meeting.

At some point in our conversation, she regarded me with her piercing gaze and asked, “What do you want to do?”  (‘with your life’ was left hanging out there)


It was as if I’d hit a brick wall and jumped 20’ in the air off of a trampoline, simultaneously.  Whew.

I was in my mid-30’s and nobody had ever asked me that question before (and took the time to listen).

I have no memory of my response but her question remained with me all these years, close to my conscious mind, because it was a bigger question than what I wanted to do next with my career.  It was more about how I wanted my life to have an impact.  To matter.

Her question was a gift.

It sounds so obvious but as we age, we grow, if we choose to engage with ourselves.  I’m a more complex person than I was at 12 when I was determining my life’s direction!

We need to understand who we are, what we value, where our passion sings.

We need to know where we are creative in our lives.

To make a positive impact; on ourselves, our families and friends, the world– we need to know our strengths.

If we want to make a difference, we need to know ourselves.

What lights us up?

Do you know?

Have you pondered these questions?

Need someone to ‘have your back’ while you ponder these questions and assist your navigation of the inevitable waves?

Hire a coach.

Inner progress!



P.S.  With deep gratitude and love to Reverend Carol Rosine.


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