About That Goal

The goal was important. Important because it was made from the deepest of intentions, based upon values and life purpose.

A plan was made. Life happened. The plan got sidetracked.

Sometimes, life’s big stressors arrive in clusters. When they do, dealing with what’s most important takes precedence. The goal took a backseat to pressing priorities.

Later, because the goal is intrinsically important to you, it reemerges. It whispers in your ear.

Remember me?

What happens next? Maybe all of the inner critics begin talking at once; the plan is crap, the goal is insurmountable, who do you think you are?

You rise, anyway, noting the critics’ voices and knowing they aren’t reality.

You revisit the plan. Plans change, are revised, all the time. It’s fine.

You move forward, ask for support, revise the plan, take action, and accomplish the goal.

Is it a sweeter accomplishment because you got sidetracked by major life occurrences?

Seems that way.

Inner Progress!


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