Action Steps For Managing Change


originally posted on Friday, July 20, 2012


Our lives are filled with change; personal, professional, wanted, unwanted, planned, or unplanned.

All change has a level of stress associated with it.

What to do?  How to manage change in the most positive, pro-active, growth supportive way?

The first thing I do with any kind of change is look to routine.  Routine provides a comfort and a kind of grounding while life around you is taking a turn in the journey, sometimes several turns, quickly and simultaneously.

Routine-small things—walking the dog, fitting in exercise, cooking a favorite meal, having a favorite tea, continuing professional reading and client scheduling, going to the library, hanging my favorite piece of art – a paper mâché dancer in native costume in the midst of a joyous movement.

Those are some of the actions I take; my efforts to acknowledge change with the grounding of routine.

In the midst of change, and while re-establishing some of those comfortable routines, here are some questions to ask oneself:

What do I see?

What do I hear?

What is real?

What is make believe?

What do I own?

What isn’t my responsibility?

What gives me joy?

How do you manifest your responses to these questions into your life?

Sorting out your responses to change can lay the groundwork for a healthy, growth-filled transition as you take your next steps into your future.

Inner Progress!

Do you find this difficult?

Hire a coach!




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