All By Myself…..Not!

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originally posted on Monday, December 19, 2011


This time of year is often filled with reflection.

These are some questions I ask myself:


What did I gain?

What did I lose?

What did I tolerate?

What did I stop tolerating?

What am I grateful for?

What was the most important thing I held onto this year?

What am I most proud of letting go?


After responding to these questions, I realized none of my answers, my learning, took place in a vacuum.

All the lessons over this past year had others’ involved.

Some of those individuals are known to me; others are strangers, teachers, authors, passers-by.

A common thread was the inspiring or thought provoking impact they made on me through their behaviors or their work.

It got me thinking about the overlap between my personal work as an individual and my professional work as a coach.

Personally, my desire for transformational change has to do with growing into ‘who I am’.  Moving forward as that person who is ‘more me’.

Professionally, the coaching I strive to do with my clients to bring about transformational change is to assist them to dig deep, challenge them, engage them in action planning, while holding them accountable and fully able.

How do you answer these questions?  Are you willing to write your answers down?

What do your answers tell you?

What are the next steps?

How will you achieve those next steps?

How will you be held accountable for the next phase of your personal and professional growth?

Looking for ‘Inner Progress’?

Hire a coach!

Cheers and Happy New Year!



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