Attacked By Dog (not this baby!)


originally posted on Thursday, July 14, 2011


While cycling around dinnertime on 7/6, I was bitten by a dog in my right calf severely enough to require a trip to the local hospital ER.


I posted my attack, dismay, and pain on Facebook and Twitter.


Immediately, family and friends came to the rescue.  Loving words arrived in all forms of communication!


It got me thinking.


I was really angry.  I felt the dog owner, who admitted the dog had “nipped” others but had never broken skin, was extremely irresponsible.


But I realized the kind expressions of support and active listening of my family and friends dissolved my anger toward the dog owner.  I began to think about what the owner may have been going through in her life to behave so irresponsibly.


I didn’t condone her actions but I forgave them.


How fortunate for me to be able to use social networking as a tool to reach out to others to receive support.


But this was a dog bite…


I began thinking about all the pain people may be experiencing for which social networking is not an appropriate platform.


But people in pain or confusion need to be listened to, respected, acknowledged, and championed, too.


That’s what a coach does.


I’m moving forward from my anger because I was listened to, respected, acknowledged, and championed.


Everyone deserves to be heard.


Being heard allows us to move forward, to grow, to make inner progress.


Inner progress leads to transformational change.


Change for the better.






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