Balance—Give it up!


originally posted on Monday, March 12, 2012


Fuzzy was the name of the family dog.  He was a miniature poodle and lived forever, or long enough to convince me I didn’t like dogs.

He had a few “pet peeves”.  One of which was a strong dislike for the smell of bare feet.

He sat beneath the dining room table each night.  Getting everyone to the table at dinnertime was a production and usually at least one of us 7 kids forgot the golden rule:  Do Not Sit Down at the Table in Bare Feet.

Shortly into the meal, night after night, you would hear a low growl begin.  It quickly grew to a menacing bark/snap which was followed by the screams of the child whose feet were attacked.

The screams were followed by my parents’ yelling at the child who “knew better than to come to the table barefoot”!

Just another functional family!

Long story short, as I grew into adulthood, I realized I loved dogs, except for Fuzzy.

My husband and I have had a dog in the house, along with the occasional cat, since our children were young.

The children are grown and live independently.  We have a 5 year old yellow lab named Jameson and we are enjoying our calm, peaceful lifestyle.

Until this AM.

Consciously, we decided to foster an abandoned 3 year old lab mix.

He’s about 75 pounds and full of energy, especially having been kept in a kennel for the past several weeks while awaiting placement.

My day “off” has been ……..hectic…….exhausting….hmmm.

A common goal of my clients is working toward balance.


Unless, you decide consciously to make a decision that will tip the scales, at least temporarily.

Our foster dog, Gage, is merely an example.

We change jobs, marry, move, have children or don’t.

Consciously, we make value based decisions that can throw our sense of balance off.


There’s a difference in moving away from balance by choice than being out of balance due to the allowance of  circumstances taking over one’s life.

Choosing to be out of balance for awhile because you are honoring your values is an opportunity for growth.

We’re rarely in balance, anyway.

Instead, we are working toward balanced living or away from it.

It isn’t difficult to understand what it means to work toward balance.

Growth also can happen when we think we are working away from balance.

So, it’s ok to give ourselves permission to…….

Shake it up!  On purpose, with purpose, because of purpose!

Want to shake things up but need someone objective and outside of your present sphere to support you in the “big picture” of your life?

Hire a coach.

After 2 lengthy walks, at this minute, there is a handsome yellow lab sleeping on one side of my office chair and a beautiful black lab sleeping on the other side.

Feels balanced to me.    (for now!)

Inner Progress!




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