Balancing Act


originally posted on Thursday, March 24, 2011

Balancing Act

One of the most powerful things I learned last year was that there is no such thing as LIVING a balanced life!


Instead, I learned we are either working toward balanced living or away from balanced living because “balance” is dynamic.  What a relief!

Periods of balance?  Moments of balance?  Yes.

Nice to know we cannot maintain balance at all times on the tight rope of life in order to be happy.

Too stressful!

Recently, I heard an author, Noah Boyd,  speak at our local bookstore.

Noah Boyd, not his birth name, fought in Vietnam, then worked for the FBI for 20 years finding serial killers.

For the past several years, he’s been an accomplished author.

How did this FBI agent strive for more balance in his life?

In his story, it was taking a creative writing class many years ago to do something different, have a different experience, use his brain in a different way.  His teacher told him he had talent and to keep writing, if he wanted to.

He’s written at least 7 books, 2 of which are under his “Noah Boyd” pen name, “Bricklayer” and “Agent X”.

Trying out something different and new, or exploring a long lost hobby with renewed vigor, can provide a break in our full lives.  Even the multitude of people who enjoy their careers need variety, which adds freshness or “sharpens the saw”, as Steven Covey states, to their lives.

For Noah Boyd, aka Paul Lindsay, it was taking a creative writing class which eventually led to another successful career.

But that wasn’t his plan, at least not initially.  From my perspective, his plan was to work TOWARD balance.

What a success story!

Coaches assist their clients in recognizing whether they are working toward balanced living or away from it.  A coach assists clients’ ability to access approaches that lead them to take action toward balanced living while honoring the clients’ values.

Once again, it is “all about you”!




P.S.  If you like a good mystery, these are 2 to enjoy!

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