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originally posted on Thursday, October 20, 2011


We live action packed lives.  Once we achieve something, it’s off to the next goal, task, or problem to solve.

Stop.  Take a breath.

It isn’t easy to take the time to recognize our accomplishments, at least it isn’t for many of us.

How often do we acknowledge our accomplishments?

I’m not talking about the big achievements and milestones.

I’m writing in support of those small, often daily steps forward.

For instance:

—You recently moved and spent the day unpacking several boxes, while managing the rest of your life.  (Good for you!)

—Your child responded appropriately to a positive change in your parenting style.  (Own it!)

–You asked good questions at work, instead of rushing to judgement.  (Everyone benefitted!)

—You stopped an emotional reaction in response to something someone you care about “did” to you.  Instead, you listened and learned.  (Whew!)

—You recognized and acknowledged someone else’s small win that day.  (Not easy getting outside of our own bubble!)

—You wrote down your goals for next year.  (Clarity!)

—You stretched outside of your comfort zone.  (……and you’re still here!  Yowza!)

Every day, we accomplish something.  Acknowledging and honoring the accomplishment can lead to creative thinking and personal and professional growth.

Can you do this for yourself on a regular basis?

If not…….. another reason to hire a coach.

A coach will acknowledge you and hold you up to your own magnificence.

As Marianne Williamson wrote, “It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”                           

Acknowledging our greatness.

Inner Progress.



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