Better Than Shamrocks!


Bad Things come in 3’s.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Perhaps you don’t have to be Irish to have grown up with these limiting ideas but I am and did grow up with these and many others. Sometimes, they were stated with a wry smile. Sometimes!

Why not, then, schedule my annual mammogram on St. Patrick’s Day, a few months before my 10 yr diagnosis of breast cancer?

Almost 10 yrs cancer free and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Frankly, that happens to be the case mostly as I’m driving to my appointment.

All of us are subject to limiting thoughts and ideas.

Pick one of yours. What is it?

What if you could change that thinking pattern?

Today, I made a conscious change in my thinking.

This change was made based upon a course I’m enrolled in at UNC-Chapel Hill taught by Barbara Fredrickson, PhD.

The course is Positive Psychology and our online class has 53,929 learners enrolled. Whoa!

Many of us are analytical thinkers. We want the facts, the reasons, the research behind what we are learning.

Prove it!

I learned a way to change my thinking pattern, along with 53,929 classmates.

It is the ancient practice of LKM-Loving Kindness Meditation.

During the course, we have learned about the studies that show both physical and emotional positive changes through the practice of LKM.

Here it is:

May you feel safe.

May you feel happy.

May you feel healthy.

May you live with ease.

You may perform this meditation anytime, anywhere. You may substitute “you” with another pronoun or “I”.

I repeated this short meditation to myself, over and over, while driving and sitting in the waiting room using “I”.

2 things happened: I became calm with no thought interference about that other shoe and I switched the meditation to include everyone else in the waiting room. May we feel safe…

Switching the meditation to include others didn’t feel conscious.

Could the “other shoe drop”?

It could but I’ll deal with it if it ever becomes reality.

In the meantime, this meditation will serve to take the place of limiting thoughts and ideas.

Inner Progress.

May the road rise to meet you……..



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  1. love this Kate!! well done. we are learning alot about this in our new Yoga studio, and when we send our our intentions including sending positive, loving, and guiding thoughts to others as well as ourselves we are healing many. I’ve been reading alot about it too and its amazing how just sending positive energy thougths to others works..they can feel it! we are all connected and we must come together to heal our world. peace & blessings, Ginger xoxo

    • Thank you Ginger! It’s wonderful hearing from you! I see Spirit Design photos everywhere. It looks like your business has taken off! Let’s continue with positivity. Yoga, too!

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