originally posted on Monday, May 2, 2011


For the past several years, about March, Queen’s song, “Bicycle Race”, inevitably presents itself to my conscious mind.

“I love to ride my bicycle!”

I’m grateful to my fitness center for the great cycling classes they provide throughout the year, which sustains me through the New England winter, but riding a stationary bike just isn’t the same experience as being outdoors on my bike.

Each cycling season has provided more rides, longer rides, charity rides, birthday celebration rides, all memorable times.

I like cycling alone but prefer my cycling family and friends’ companionship.

What does this entry have to do with coaching?


I’m terrified of falling!

My cycling friends and I cycled in the New York annual 5 Boro’s Ride last year with 30,000 other people.

Half the time, I felt exhilarated, the other half, I was nauseous with fear of falling.  I did fall.

A cyclist in front of me stopped abruptly.  If I had veered either left or right, I’d have crashed into another cyclist.

I braked hard and went down.  Afraid that someone would then hit me from behind, I was up fast, on my bike, and moving forward.  Nothing bad happened.

Still, the fear persisted.

Anyone who cycles regularly, knows some sure things.  One of which is that clipping into your bike’s pedals provides a more efficient ride than slipping your feet into pedal straps.  Clipping in makes you one with your bike.

I don’t clip onto the pedals.  I’m afraid I’ll fall.

For years, I’ve been riding with my cycle friends who clip onto their pedals, of course, and can out cycle me anytime.

They don’t.

They don’t give advice, chide me, challenge, or tease me.

They slow down.

They experience the ride with me.

They are literally and figuratively “with me”.

A coach knows when to simply “be with” the client.  A coach knows that when this is necessary, there is a process taking place that allows for transformational change for the client.  It’s all about the clients’ growth.

Cycling season has begun.  My birthday is approaching.  I’ve asked my husband for new cycling shoes……..with clips.  He and my other cycling friend have made the same comment, “You’ll like them.”



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