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originally posted on Thursday, June 2, 2011


I mentioned in a post last month my decision to move past my fear of falling and take action regarding new bike shoes and pedals (the clip in style).


My husband purchased them for me last week for my birthday.


I had a terrific sales person at the local bike shop who asked all the right questions, which I answered honestly, while telling myself I would not feel like a dope for cycling 20 years with strap in pedals.


He was kind, helpful and non-judgemental.  He helped me choose the shoe/pedal combination that matched my needs.  I tried them out last weekend.


What a difference!  It wasn’t very difficult to get used to them.


Something very interesting happened for me while cycling with my new shoes and pedals.  I approached the ride with a different perspective.


I paid closer attention to my technique in a way I hadn’t in the past.


Those of you who cycle know how important technique is while riding.


I mentioned to my husband that I wasn’t concerned about monitoring my SPEED on this ride.


Not so easy for me, as I am intensely competitive with myself and compare rides on the same route at the same time of year in terms of SPEED!


So, you probably know how this ride ends!


Because I paid attention to my technique (the shoes helped!), I ended up cycling faster on the same route than at the same time of year as last year.  Plus, I felt terrific!


Ah, the metaphors!


How many times have you gone into your fear, taken action, and had results with even more positive outcomes than you expected?


How many can you think of from a personal or professional perspective?


Such gifts we can give to ourselves – sometimes a coach can help make giving these gifts easier.


What barriers are you facing that a coach could help you with?
Inner Progress!




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