Building Social Capital


originally posted on Thursday, January 5, 2012


Successful real estate professionals and sales professionals are excellent networkers but what separates the strugglers who “start over each year” with those who make their business “look easy”?

Those “LUCKY” professionals have built rich and valuable social capital.  Networking is the foundation for social capital but it is just the beginning.

Meeting and greeting are the first steps of social capital building.

The next steps require building and expanding community and practicing reciprocity.

So often during my years of real estate management, agents would tell me they were “too busy” to :

–take up or embrace a hobby

–join a gym and work out consistently


–join a community cause

–go to church (because of open houses!)

For many hard working professionals, feeding one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs was perceived to be self indulgent.

Too busy for self care?

The truth is that it isn’t just about self care.

These things I’ve heard agents/sales people don’t have time for are exactly the things that the “Superstars”, the “Lucky Ones” know will benefit them professionally and personally!

So, what is possible?

Pick one of the above that you haven’t been doing and “SIMPLY DO IT”!

…..and there is one more thing….


Go out of your way to connect people who may benefit from one another’s skills or services.

Social media makes this easy!

ASK those you can count on to do this for you, as well.

Everyone benefits!

If you want to grow your business and make these positive changes but need assistance to maintain your momentum, hire a coach!

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