Butterfly Effect Within?


Most of my clients come to coaching with business and career interests as their focus. Even though they complete a questionnaire and life satisfaction survey, their coaching focus begins with their career or business objectives in mind.

Then, something happens, every single time, as the coaching progresses.

It reminds me of Edward Lorenz’  “Butterfly Effect”. Lorenz coined this term to extrapolate upon chaos theory, that seemingly unlikely actions (like the flap of a butterfly’s wing) may create the basis for other, large events (like a hurricane on the other side of the world). He was a MIT meteorologist, so this metaphor was a fitting, useful one for him to describe chaos theory.

In a nutshell, Nature is complicated.

The human mind and body are complicated, too.

While a client may be working on business and career growth, frequent reports of growth in other aspects of their lives are shared. These reports are stated, often, with wonder, surprise, and delight!

While my interpretation of their response is as though they believe a Butterfly Effect Within has occurred (no known connection; all chaos), emerging neuroscience is revealing the powerful interconnection of our thoughts and behaviors.*

Internal change is not about chaos theory or a butterfly!  Your hard work with a coach is an investment in the “Whole” of you, even if it doesn’t seem that way, at first.

So, it’s okay to focus on “One” aspect of your life in coaching. Coaching is about your agenda. The result of your hard work in whatever aspect you choose to work on will positively affect other aspects of your life.

What do you want to work on?

It’s all about you!

Inner Progress!






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