Celebrating Goal Accomplishment!

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Now is the time of year that many of us set goals and plan for next year, but first it is important to celebrate this year’s goal accomplishments!

One of my personal goals was to try something new. For me, this involved training for a 5 K and proving to myself that I could run.

The photo depicts my first 5 K the Saturday after Thanksgiving in Boston at an Ugly Sweater Run!

Despite the 25 degree temp, it was great fun and some of my family members participated. In fact, when my daughter realized a 5 K was my goal, she suggested this run, one she and her wonderful new husband could join us in!

One of the joys about announcing a goal is that others who care for you step up to support you.


What goals did you accomplish this year?


Give yourself an opportunity to honor what you’ve done before moving on to next year’s goals and planning.

When you do begin to plan, how will you decide to challenge yourself?

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