Choosing Not to be Mauled by a Tiger


originally posted on Monday, September 24, 2012


In yesterday’s NYT, a small article was written about a man who “leapt from a monorail into a tiger enclosure at the Bronx Zoo on Friday”.

He was mauled by the tiger and remains hospitalized.  The tiger did nothing unexpected.

When asked by a NYPD sergeant why he had taken such action, the man replied that “everyone in life makes choices”.

One of my reactions reading this article was incredulity.

This man made a self-destructive choice.

While this is an extreme example of a self-destructive choice, all of us make choices that, if not termed self-destructive, do fall under the heading of NOT self-care.

All of us have “tigers” in our lives; those thoughts of self-doubt, the not good enough, stay small, don’t risk it, and numbing behaviors, to name a few.

What are yours?

How often do we present ourselves to be mauled by them?

It isn’t their fault.

Our “tigers” don’t do anything unexpected.

How do we respond when we allow ourselves to be mauled?

Can we remove ourselves a safe distance from our “tigers”, while acknowledging their existence?

When we can ascribe the same sense of incredulity to our own “tiger” invitations, we’ll know we have accomplished something important in our lives.

Knowing that we are enough; having the courage to not ‘stay small’, take thoughtful risks, and thaw out from the numbing, are a few of the accomplishments.  Where might that lead you?

Coaches help clients identify their “tigers” and promote ways of empowering the clients to choose to remain separate from the damage that can be self inflicted by jumping into their space.  It is a very big leap but not a leap into any cage!

Where might that lead you?

Inner Progress.

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