Confusion is A OK!


originally posted on Wednesday, June 15, 2011


“What can’t you be with?” is a powerful question!


The first time I answered this question, my mind raced to past hurts and personalities I didn’t want to be with or be like, ever.


That was the answer to “WHO can’t you be with?” not WHAT.


WHO is an easy question to answer as it reflects outside of us.


WHAT requests a different response, a thoughtful response, a deep look in the mirror response.


“What can’t I be with?” For me, the answer is “not knowing”.




I become very uncomfortable when my path to my goal is not clearly defined in my mind.


I think I need to know exactly how (and the “right” way) to get from point A to point Whatever.


It is humbling, yet empowering, to know “what we can’t be with.”


Humbling, perhaps, because we like to believe we’ve “got the world on a string” and recognizing we aren’t always on an obvious path to our own greatness can be tough to take!


Empowering, because once we know what IT is we can take action.


Healthy action.  Productive action.


This “action” can be the opposite of what one might think of as “action” in this busy world of ours.  “Action” can be meditation, yoga, a bike ride, lunch with a friend or co-worker, or simply walking the dog.  It doesn’t have to be a big step, though it can be.


It is when we don’t know consciously what we can’t be with that we are more likely to take on unhealthy behaviors or take actions which result in negative or unwanted consequences.


If we don’t recognize our individual answer(s) to the question, we may numb our feelings to what we can’t be with.


If I could only answer the question, “Why coaching?”, with one response, this would be it:


If we numb our feelings to what we can’t be with, because we are unable to articulate what we can’t be with, then we cannot take action to reach our magnificence as human beings in this lifetime.  Period.


Everyone can benefit from a coach.


Inner Progress!




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