Confusion to Clarity

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Here we are. Spring is upon us. It looks, feels, smells like Spring!

This AM, after an early morning run, I sat on our back porch with my cup of coffee, taking in the sight of our large cherry tree covered in blooms. The scent of my neighbor’s lilac bushes are wafting into our yard.

I don’t want to move, ever! Bliss!

After the miserable winter most of us endured, isn’t it tempting not to do anything else besides take in the season’s beauty?

Spending time relishing our surroundings is important and necessary. Enjoy.

1. What about the other things?

2. What else are you focusing on right now?

3. What’s holding you back or getting in your way?

4. Are you having difficulty staying on track?

5. When you take time off, to rest and recharge, does work and worry get in your way?

If these questions are uppermost in your mind, I have a specially priced Spring program for my subscribers.

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