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originally posted on Thursday, October 11, 2012


“I’m not creative.”

How often have you heard this statement?  Have you said it yourself?

In a business training video, John Cleese discusses creativity by drawing on Donald MacKinnon’s research.  (Until recently, I didn’t know John Cleese had other talents besides being a comic actor!)

In the video, John Cleese reveals that creativity is not a talent.  It is a way of “operating and is unrelated to IQ”.

People who are more creative have a “facility” for getting into a particular mood-the ability to “play”.

He goes on to speak of 2 modes for an effective creative process, an “open mode” and a “closed mode”.

The open mode is described as one which allows for curiosity, exploring, brainstorming, and thinking out of the box with no performance pressure.

The open mode gives our brains permission to take a Vacation, while at the same time, allowing ourselves to play with a thought or idea.

A mind Vacation is simply some space and time for curiosity.  He makes the point that the most creative professionals ‘play’ with a problem much longer before solving it.

The ability to tolerate the discomfort of not rushing into a decision is one of the defining factors of the most creative people.

During that time, no possibility being pondered is wrong or incorrect.  Rather, it is merely a possibility.

He states that confidence is required to do this.

Also,  John Cleese describes the real importance of humor in creativity which he demonstrates throughout the video, as only John Cleese can do!

Once a solution is determined, it is necessary to get into a “closed mode” in order to take action.

Both modes are equally important in creativity.

From a coaching perspective, clients who have difficulty getting into an open mode often describe themselves as being ‘stuck‘.

Are you looking to create space to redefine aspects of your life, described here as “open mode”?  Do you have difficulty moving into a “closed mode” – after making a decision, do you find yourself immobilized when it comes to  taking action?

Are you looking to grow confidence, find your sense of humor, and practice giving yourself enough time to process and imagine possibilities?

Do you want to learn to operate creatively?

Hire a coach!

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