Decisions, Decisions…………..Summertime


originally posted on Monday, June 18, 2012


It is upon us, summer.  The smell of fresh cut grass, outdoor activities, vacations, visits with family and friends, celebrations, vibrant color everywhere you look.

Each year, at this time, I get that feeling of suspended animation and bliss as late spring develops into early summer.

The desire to just “be” is strongest for me in summer.

Perhaps, there will be nothing to do for a few months except play and enjoy life.

Who makes big decisions in the summer?

Well, just about everyone!

We make decisions about our lives year round and move forward (or not) based upon those decisions.

We make decisions from a base of feelings.  They can be feelings of necessity, of angst, of stagnation, of joy, of fear….

What if we made our next decision from that sense of summertime bliss?

Choose something going on for you right now.  Place yourself in your favorite vacation spot, or your garden, or your hammock, on your bicycle, anywhere in that summertime moment that allows you to “be”.

Hold onto that sense as you explore the decision you are contemplating.

It takes practice.

What is the potential “opportunity cost” of not taking on a summertime perspective?

Inner Progress.

Happy Summer!



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