Future Self—–What?


originally posted on Thursday, September 29, 2011


I was in a book store this week and saw a small sign near the Science Fiction section above a few selected books that read “Future Self”.  It referred to placing oneself in a future universe or society.  You stayed the same but everything around you had changed.

I received a marketing e-mail that described “Future Self”.  The descriptions were all physical, many of them cosmetic.  There were numerous descriptions of scientific breakthroughs in progress.  Most of them focused on looking, and feeling younger as we get older.

I’ve only thought of “Future Self” from a coaching perspective and it’s quite different from the above!

In coaching, our “Future Self” is who we envision ourselves becoming when we have maximized our strengths, reached for our own stars, and cast aside all those negative voices in our heads.  This could include physical changes; healthy, positive changes.  However, all of these changes come from within.

To get one’s own unique image of “Future Self”, coaches utilize various techniques with the client.

If your strengths were optimized, your negative voices/saboteurs were dismissed, and your life purpose fulfilled, who and what would you be?

Coaches help you imagine that unique individual.  You!


Because, if you can imagine her/him, you can take actions to become her/him.  These actions can take on greater clarity because you have a focused vision on who you can become.

Even before you become her/him, you can access your “Future Self” and benefit from this reminder of possibility. Imagining what your “Future Self” would do in a situation can act as a compass pointing you toward a different perspective when you are stuck or confused or in transition.

What would that look like for you?

“Future Self” as mentor?

Why not?

Not that we don’t need real life mentors.  We do!

But to have 24/7 access to an inner mentor who has achieved everything, and more, than you ever thought possible….?

How empowering would that be for you?

Inner Progress.

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