Inspired to Achieve


Another summer is coming to a close. Sigh!

For those of us who are strivers and achievers, it is a time to review goals if you operate on a calendar year.

Still have things to accomplish?

Wondering how to energize yourself after a summer of (perceived!) relaxation?

Here are a few questions to help you shake things up:

1. How do you want to be seen?

2. What’s important about being seen? (externally and when you look into the mirror each AM)

3. What needs to change for you to be seen as you desire?

4. What supportive energy do you need to bring into your space?

5. What’s the 1st small step forward?

Now, name the step. Write it down. Hold yourself accountable to its completion by a date you select.

Keep the energy flowing. You know what that means for you.

Do you know?

Still stuck?

A professional coach will help you navigate through these and other questions. Sometimes, we are so stuck we forget “everything”, or so it seems.

Moving forward with accountability, vitality, joy, peace, newfound wisdom.

Inner Progress.






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  1. Marion Bonoldi says:

    Love these blog posts! I look forward to them and can hear your voice in my ear! Thanks Kate! Keep them coming!!!

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