Irony Strikes!



Back in February, I’d written a blog post entitled “Adversity, Time, Learning”. It went well. I modified it, slightly, and sent it directly to Arianna Huffington (my Daring Greatly moment!). She liked it and had it published in Huffington Post.

Immediately thereafter, the software I used to upload my blog posts from, for the past 2 years, CRASHED! Yes, it did!

Three months later, the iris are blooming, and so is my new site.


It’s funny how easy it is to feel exposed and vulnerable when something goes awry.

Since I’m the center of my universe, I assumed everyone would notice that there hadn’t been any new posts to my site in a few months!

My inner coach tapped me on the shoulder and asked which saboteur/gremlin was in my shoes, instead of powerful, strong me, during such a thought process.

It was a familiar saboteur; the ‘not good enough’ one.

I listened to my inner coach and took action which was to keep moving forward and create/deal with/engage help to complete this site.

Here’s what happened while my new site was in draft form, I signed more new clients than I had in that length of time since I started my coaching business.


I was reminded that one’s cumulative efforts don’t get flushed down the drain when things don’t go smoothly.

This is true in a business setting, as well as in our personal lives.

Cumulative efforts count.

What is your self talk when you are feeling vulnerable or anxious?

What’s the reality?

What action do you take to support the reality?

Who will you listen to the next time, your saboteur or your inner coach?

There’s going to be a next time! Will it be the negative self talk or will you review, choose, and act upon, your reality?

Inner Progress!





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