“I’ve Got This”. Really?


You took this on.  It could be a special project at work, helping a family member through a rough time, supporting someone you love while they are experiencing a major life change, experiencing your own major life change—a new family member, a new job, a move.

This could be anything outside of the scope of your normal routine–however you define normal routine.

First, a few assumptions:

  1. You took this on because it is deeply important to you. Whatever this is resonates with your values.
  2. You are certain you can handle this.

Except, THIS doesn’t play out exactly as you imagined.

Why? Because it never does….and….

  1. Your inner self critic begins to chastise you–the “not good enough”, “why can’t you do everything else in your routine while you’ve got this going on” inner self critic. You begin comparing yourself to others whose lives you think you comprehend. (You don’t have a clue.)
  2. You’ve forgotten something. Everyone’s day has 24 hrs. Period.

THIS  becomes overwhelming.


What to do?

  1. Ask. For. Help. Trust that there is someone on this Earth, who you care about and who cares about you, who would be happy to do something to ease your stress. A person who will listen, lend a hand, acknowledge what you’ve taken on, and show compassion for what you are going through. You have been that someone to others. Remind yourself of specific times you have been that someone.
  2. Be kind to yourself. Practice self compassion. Take a breath.

Need coaching to get there?

We’ve got THIS. Really.

Inner Progress.



Disclaimer: The pup, Rudi, is our new family member but not the reason behind this post!




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