“NO” to Overpriced Listings!


originally posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2012


MSN Real Estate posted an article by Marilyn Lewis this morning that caught my eye.

The first sentence begins with “Real estate appears to be turning a corner”  (and continues, “oh, so slowly.”)

I wonder how many sellers/potential sellers read those first 8 words and stopped reading!

They read what they hoped to hear.

The article cites results of recent studies and provides  links to market research.

Also, it gives advice to the consumer about you, the agent.

One piece of advice states:  ”Approach agents as a researcher. Explain that right now you just want to understand the market. Offer to buy lunch. Save discussion of plans for buying or selling for another conversation.”

My real estate coaching challenge to you is this:

Approach consumers as the expert you are about your local market.  Host a gathering.  You decide on the size.

The topic:  Market Education

Result:  Establishing yourself as a Real Estate Professional and current market expert

It is part of building social capital.

It can lead to appropriately priced listings and referrals.

No pressure.  No sales hype.  Education.

From an expert.


Inner Progress!



P.S.  That sweet house was bought in 2005 and sold in mid 2008.  Guess how much equity was lost?  Too much but we sold it in 4 months with a great agent (even though I had an active broker’s license).  One year after our closing, similar properties listed at the same time as ours in that town were still “on the market”.  It is healthy to avoid banging one’s head against a wall!


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