Owning Past Learning is One Measure of Success. Why?


This past Saturday I got way outside of my comfort zone. I signed up for a 6 hr. chair yoga instructor training class. The class was open to yoga instructors and those with health care experience, PT’s, OT’s, RN’s, who had yoga class experience.

I love yoga and have benefitted physically and emotionally over the years from the classes I’ve taken and the practice I’ve brought into my life. Having relocated to a new state a few years ago and working from my home office, sometimes, has felt isolating. My idea was that learning chair yoga would exercise my PT brain, provide occasional liberation from my home office, and allow me to bring classes to people who cannot get on the mat.

I’m not a yoga teacher but my first career was physical therapy. I was the only non yoga instructor in the class. This is where the fun starts!

The certified yoga instructor teaching the class was highly experienced, a business owner, kind, and a great teacher. Additionally, her personality was kind of New Age! The New Age description was my interpretation. I don’t believe she would have described herself in such a manner.

My younger self would have found this New Age persona off putting, irritating, distracting. (My science background has me grounded in facts or research.) The person I am now made note of my brain’s New Age description and let it go to attend to the wealth of information being presented.

Here’s the fun part, the learning part, the why part!

My younger self would have allowed my judgement (my New Age description is judgemental) to get in the way of my experience. The reason for this was fear. I was anxious, intimidated, already embarrassed because I knew I was different than the others. I didn’t have their backgrounds, their experience.

My present self definitely felt a low level of anxiety. Also, my present self knew I had my own background and experience that was rich and meaningful.

At the end of the class, we had to give a presentation to the rest of the class demonstrating our knowledge gained from the teaching. We received helpful feedback from our instructor and each other. In addition to constructive feedback, my teacher and my peers stated they couldn’t believe I wasn’t a trained yoga teacher. Acknowledgment is a beautiful gift!

Knowing that my younger self would have had a very difficult time with this class was a gift, also.

Acknowledging our unique, personal growth is important. One lesson builds upon another and another. This momentum allows for rich experiences, internally and externally. As far as we know, this is the only life we get to live!

What’s your story? What present you is different from your younger self? Acknowledge it!

Inner Progress!




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