Problem Solving Mode


Some individuals come to coaching in a problem solving mindset. There’s a behavior they feel ‘stuck’ in and want to gain a solution on how to ‘fix’ an inappropriate reaction to particular types of stress. The stress can be triggered from any aspect of their life; work, home, the negative inner critics.

The reactions can range from mouthing off at work to overeating or any other lack of self care.

There is recognition that the reaction/behavior exhibited to this type of stimuli doesn’t serve them. It’s exciting to hear the recognition. It takes courage to recognize behaviors that don’t serve us.

However, when the individual is convinced a coach is needed to ‘fix’ them, we don’t engage in a coaching relationship!

Coaches don’t ‘fix’ anyone.

Hard working clients who embrace coaching ‘change’ themselves through a very special acknowledgement.

They recognize their growth as they change their behaviors and take different actions. A transformation is taking place for them. All of their senses feel this transformation. What they see, feel, hear, smell, and taste shifts. They see the situation from a different perspective. They feel and hear their deeper emotions behind their behaviors. They choose to smell and taste what nourishes their bodies, minds and souls.

The coach listens, asks questions, creates challenges (sometimes), holds the client accountable (always), and has the client’s back as the client steps out of their comfort zone (every single time).

It’s the client’s understanding of what changed and why that creates epiphanies.

Nobody needs to be ‘fixed’.

It takes courage and hard work to become our greatest selves.

It’s everything.






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