Remembering Childhood Aspirations


originally posted on Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Monday, Memorial Day, my husband and I cycled over to a place we’d not been before, The Peony Research Farm.

We were fortunate to arrive as the artist, geneticist, farmer, magician, doctor, gentleman was working.

He was kind enough to answer a few questions and allowed me to take his photo.

He stated he’d been working with peonies for 28 years.  This field was “only” 10 years old.  He has other fields.

Each peony plant is unique.  He photographs and maps each one and mentioned over 70 maps of this parcel.

Sort of sheepishly, he stated this was kind of an obsession.

We were awestruck at the beauty and variety of peonies and I worked hard on staying quiet after my initial few questions and iPhone photo snap.

I wanted to ask him what he wanted to “be” when he was a young boy; if he remembered those thoughts.

He seemed to incorporate all of the professions I stated earlier, at least.

The rest of the day, I thought about childhood aspirations.

Few of us become what our young minds aspired to as children but I realized there are practical reasons to think back to those thoughts.

Our values, what makes us who we are, began their formation when we were very young.

When you reflect back to those thoughts, what do you remember? What did you want to “be” when you “grew up”?  Those early aspirations reflect our values.  What values connected with your first career aspiration?

Freedom?  Artistry?  Nature Lover?  Connectivity?  Curiosity about how things work?  Love of Structure? Friendship?  Peace of mind?  Service to others? ……

How does what you do for a living now connect with your values?

How can you honor the connection of those early values to your present life and work?

The best legacy we can leave behind is to live our lives in the service of honoring our values.

For me, this kind man illustrated a wonderful example of living one’s values.

Inner Progress.



P.S.  Many thanks to @amyselwyn for introducing us to The Peony Research Farm


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