Resolution Impasse


originally posted on Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Perhaps, you made New Year’s Resolutions or set goals for yourself as part of a personal or professional plan.

………and it’s not going so well.

……….and it’s February.

Good news.  It’s February!

Many of us set resolutions or goals based upon what we think we “should” be doing better.

We set ourselves up for failure from the get go because of the way we think about our behaviors/actions that we believe are required to achieve the goal.

Then, we feel bad and end up behaving the way we always have.

Back to old patterns of being.

It can be a vicious cycle.

As you look at your goals, if any of this rings true for you, ask yourself this question:

“If I achieved my goal, what would I have?”

Take stock of what that achievement/goal completion would really do for you.

Does it make you feel satisfied, wonderful, proud, delighted, or at peace?

Go deeper into that feeling.  Savor it, memorize it, revisit it.  Choose to make that feeling a replacement for any that are associated with anxiety, negativity, or self blame as you are working on that goal achievement.

Work on this “feeling replacement” choice over the next 6 months.  Neuroscience supports that changing our thought patterns takes at least this amount of time.

If the thought of the goal or resolution achievement doesn’t create a sense of positivity, maybe the goal/resolution is all wrong for you or your business.

Since they are your goals, you have the power to change them and choose goals that when you visualize achieving them take you to positive emotions.

THINK = FEEL = BEHAVE     Intertwined words.

Easy to do?  Not easy.  Possible to do on your own?  Sometimes.  Other times?

Hire a coach.

Inner Progress!



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