Second Quarter. Game On!


originally posted on Friday, April 13, 2012


I’ve never received a Red Sox Season schedule from my attorney, tax accountant, dentist, or physician.

I’ve received a few from Real Estate Agents but where is the real estate info about the local market, comparing 1st Quarter of 2012 to 1st Quarter of 2011?

People have an insatiable curiosity about real estate.

Feed it!

You are the expert!

What info we receive through the media is not often local and often incorrect.

Your sphere wants to hear from the expert.  You.

When your sphere thinks “Real Estate”, their next thought should be your name.

Consistent, quarterly updates to your sphere through an e-mail campaign, Linked In, Facebook, and Twitter helps establish you as the local expert.  A regular mail campaign to past clients and close sphere with a quick, hand-written personal note is a thoughtful touch to go with your report.

It takes about 5 minutes to run the MLS report.  Copy and paste it to an e-mail template.  While this info is easy for you to access, it isn’t easy for the public to access comparable, accurate information.

Add a few sentences about your own observations and something personal.  What are you doing to your home or yard this Spring?  What is going on in the community that interests you?

These things differentiate you from the crowd.

These consistent updates establish you as a Real Estate Professional.

Red Sox Calendars do not.

Cheers to you if you sent an update!

Want to do this but need an accountability partner?

Hire a coach!

Inner Progress!

Best Wishes on Successful Spring Selling!


Here is a great example of a 1st quarter market comparison from my friend/former colleague, Jon Goode:

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