Staying Motivated


Does it matter what keeps us motivated?

I believe it does but perhaps that’s due to my own story.

I felt the need to increase my cardiovascular exercise. I chose running and after a few attempts I began to get into a groove.

A few months into my running program at age 55, my younger brother died suddenly at the age of 51.

Chest pain and throat constriction began to plague me daily after my younger brother’s death except when I ran.

My dad died at almost the exact same age as my brother of the same cardiac disease. Despite the facts; already being older, medical clearance, and a very different lifestyle than both of these beloved men, I was freaked.

It can be tough to bring the facts forward when your emotions ‘run’ high!

I kept running. I ran out of FEAR. FEAR was my motivation.

I ran to remind myself that my symptoms were a result of grief and anxiety. Grief at the loss of a dear brother and anxiety that I would experience the same fate.

As time passed, my motivation changed. I began to love how my body felt when I ran.

Instead of running because of fear and anxiety and grief, I began running because of health and joy.

When health and joy became my motivators, my other symptoms disappeared.

Same activity.

Different motivators.

Does it matter? It matters to me!

What matters to you?

Do you need assistance choosing what will keep you motivated?

Hire a coach!

Inner Progress!




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  1. Yes, remain motivated to stay with the momentum of growth.

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