The Mouse that Roared!


originally posted on Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I was attending my first managers’ meeting in my new management role.  Sitting at the same round table were several other managers/peers.

One of them addressed me and stated she didn’t see how I would make it in this business as I was ‘quiet as a mouse’.

My former boss/manager was sitting at the same table.  Upon hearing her statement, he burst out laughing and replied “the mouse that roared”!

I remember some of the thoughts that went through my mind at the time; how silly; why bother to attempt to intimidate the new hire; is this junior high; hmmm, how interesting.

In the years that followed, my team consistently achieved metrics that placed us in the top 20% of about 900 offices nationally. On one metric, we placed #l over 3 consecutive years.

As a leader, was I just a lucky mouse?

I didn’t know how to be anyone other  than myself.  This wasn’t my first management role.  I trusted myself, not that I wasn’t anxious, sometimes, but I knew that authenticity mattered before the word authenticity became a buzz word.  I knew where I was strong and where I was challenged.  I sought assistance for my areas of challenge.

From a coaching perspective, I use tools to uncover and emphasize my clients’ strengths.  I encourage action taking from a position of strength.

Being who you are will serve you and those around you best.

Be who you are.

What’s your ROAR?

I recently attended Tory Johnson’s ‘Spark and Hustle’ program in Boston.

She does a fantastic job of finding small business owners who are successful.

Generously, they shared their stories, thoughts, and advice.

Each individual made a point to state they were following their dreams, their passions, being themselves.

Here are some of their companies:

They are not afraid to ROAR from their strengths and sense of confidence.

Also, they are not afraid of their ROAR!

Embrace your ROAR!

Inner Progress!



P.S.  Thanks J.W.!


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