Therapy or Coaching?


originally posted on Thursday, September 1, 2011


My maternal grandfather, to put it nicely, was not a nice guy!

He spent the last 7 years of his life confined to a hospital bed that resided in the living room of the tiny, ranch style home he shared with my grandmother.

Primarily, he was there due to a combination of lifestyle choices and a genetic makeup that didn’t agree with one another.

My mom was dutiful in bringing my siblings and me to visit him.  He usually offered us a chocolate from the box of Russell Stover candy which rested on his bedside table.

Next to the box, sat a loaded pistol!

He insisted upon this weapon in the event someone broke into the house. ( No one ever did.)

Always, I took a chocolate but in mortal fear I might touch the gun, causing it to go off accidentally and kill someone!

I believe he enjoyed watching the obvious display of my anxiety.

Like I said….

Then, there was my other grandfather.  He died when I was only 4 but I have cherished memories of sitting on his lap, combing his hair, holding hands while walking down the street, singing songs-loudly!

Many of us have “baggage” related to events we had no control over.

If that “baggage” gets in the way of making positive choices and is preventing you from personal growth or healthy functioning, see a therapist.

If you are unable to focus on the love, because the creepy, yucky stuff gets in your way, see a therapist.

Therapy requires you to dig deep into yourself in order to heal.

Healing will occur with a therapist’s help and your hard work.

Coaching requires you to dig deep into yourself and work hard, also.

Your coach will hold you as “naturally creative, resourceful, and whole”. *

Therapy and coaching require courage.

With coaching, your courage allows you to be pushed out of your comfort zone in the direction you want to grow but may feel anxious about.

With coaching, your courage allows you to agree to being held accountable by your coach for positive, forward actions you choose to take in the time frame you set.

Your courage allows your coach to challenge you to grow into your own magnificent self.

Your coach will assist you with creating the life you want to live.  The life you are here to live.  Your life at your fullest potential.

Healing and Growth.  Therapy and Coaching.

Inner Progress.

Moving forward with love.



* A cornerstone of Co-active Coaching.


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