To Age Like My Dog


7 years ago, we brought a puppy into the family, a yellow lab. We’ve had dogs most of our marriage. Prior to Jamie, we had a mixed breed male who lived 16.5 years. After his passing, it took 3 years, the graduation of our youngest child from college, and the death of a beloved friend to move forward with dog ownership, again.

Many people write about their pets, particularly their dogs.

I’ve been thinking about our dog, Jamie, from a coaching perspective.

I aspire to age like Jamie is aging.

At the age of 7, he has his share of aches and pains but he exercises, anyway! (and feels better for it!)

When someone he knows walks in the room, his full attention is on that person. At that moment, nothing is more important!

He has his very own happy dance upon interacting with anyone who is positive with him.

When he is tired, he naps.

He doesn’t judge or hold grudges.

He is curious about everything.

He rarely whines!

He is eager to try new things…. especially, food….!

When challenged by an aggressive dog, he walks away…..even when his ear has been bitten. He doesn’t waste his time with negativity.

Always, he seeks the sunny part of the room.

In coaching sessions, my clients define and gain clarity about their values; who they are right now. In order to honor those values in everyday life, particularly when stresses, challenges or life changes are occurring, they have designated reminders which quickly bring them back in touch with their values.

These reminders can be anything meaningful to them; a song, a phrase, a photo, a goal, a pebble, a series of breaths, art, an article of clothing or jewelry, their version of their future self, or perhaps …… a pet.

What comes of this?

Grounding, centering, and upon centering oneself an ability to take action based upon being clear about who we truly are right now.

Decisions and actions taken from this place of being, this place of strength, allow us to stretch and grow away from our negative inner critics and toward our deepest positive potential.

At this point on my journey, it’s all about the dog!

How about you?

What’s it all about?



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