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originally posted on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011


Are there conversations you have been a part of or on the periphery of that stay with you for one reason or another?


Recently, my brain has been revisiting a conversation that took place about 25 years ago.


Several of us were sitting around the dining table.  One of us was allowing their “saboteur” or “gremlin” to take over that person’s conversation and the oxygen in the room was diminishing as a result of this saboteur/gremlin sucking the air out of the room.


One of these things this saboteur/gremlin stated was that this person does not believe in celebrations.  I’ll call this the “curmudgeon saboteur.”


Quietly, but firmly, another individual at the table stated, “I celebrate everything.”


Celebrate Everything!


The words landed!  The “curmudgeon saboteur” took off!


There was a good reason for this saboteur’s reaction.


What I know as a coach is that “Values” speak louder than any “Saboteur.”


Because these two individuals had spent time together.  The individual whose saboteur was speaking knew that the individual who stated “I celebrate everything” was speaking from his values.


“Celebrate Everything” helps define who that person is.


Values represent who we are.


I was driving my car recently and noticed the driver in front of me wasn’t texting or on the phone.  Instead, at each stoplight, he began to “car dance”!  I could see his shoulders moving, his head bobbing, his hands moving to an inaudible (to me) beat!


His value of loving and celebrating music and interacting with it, was arresting, endearing, and intriguing.


His unconscious sharing of one of his values made my day!  I wondered what else this person valued and how does his celebration of music impact other aspects of his life?


Coaches assist clients’ understanding of what their values are, which defines who they are.  This is important because when we are fully conscious of our values, big decisions are easier to make and there is less to no second guessing.


Thanks to my friend, the words “Celebrate Everything” became my two favorite words, one of my structures, a way of honoring my life.


In honoring and living his values, my friend gave me a wonderful gift that day, 25 years ago, and each day since!





P.S.  Happy Birthday Gordo!


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