What’s “Wine” Got to do with it!


originally posted on Friday, July 29, 2011


Many people choose coaching because they’re feeling STUCK!


Stuck with career/work issues, family issues, self care issues, financial issues………………


There are several skills coaches utilize to empower the client to move forward.


One of them is choosing a different perspective on the topic the client is “stuck” in.


Choosing a different perspective allows the client to choose a different attitude or way of looking at the issue at hand.


We are empowered by realizing that the way we each view our issues is a choice we each make.


If we choose to view the issue from a different mindset, possibilities appear!


It isn’t magic but the response of the client to this choosing often feels magical!


Moving forward is serious business but the approach we take doesn’t have to be so serious!


For instance, the client who knows they are stuck in the perspective of WHINING about the topic they are speaking of may choose the perspective of the feeling he/she gets when in a comfortable, nurturing setting with a glass of wine in his/her hand!


Whining is a sign of anxiety.  The opposite perpective would be one in which the individual feels a sense of calm and connection.


Other perspectives?  Who’s your favorite super hero?  What would be different if you took on that persona?  How would you view the situation you are stuck in from your inner hero’s perspective?


What if you became your favorite animal?


Sound silly?


It is!!


So what!


Your coach won’t make fun of you.  Your coach will hold you as the whole, creative person you are.  Your coach is certain you have the capacity to UNSTICK yourself, choose an option that is most resourceful for you and take action on that choice.


Your coach will hold you accountable to that action.


What super hero or animal will you be today?


You don’t even have to tell anyone about it?


How do you feel now?


Inner Progress!





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