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Yesterday, I missed a presentation. I was attending the PA Conference for Women in Philadelphia. I was on my way to this presentation when I decided to take a swing by the Coaches Corner, where I’d worked that morning. Last year, it hadn’t been very busy at the Coaches Corner where pro bono consultations were being offered.

I don’t know what changed but this year it was jammed. When I took a swing by, there was a line of women waiting to meet with a coach. All the coaches were busy, so I delightedly pitched in for the afternoon. (latest count, over 400 women experienced coaching!)

On my way home, I met a woman on the train platform. She asked if I’d been present at this presentation. I told her what occurred and she mentioned she’d missed it, also, but that there was such a buzz about it that she was disappointed to have not chosen it.

This morning, I looked this woman up online and watched her video presentation to Google employees earlier this year.

Oh! My!

Her name is Lisa Nichols. Her website is http://www.motivatingthemasses.com/about/lisa-nichols/

Her story is amazing and her skill set and desire to educate others about making shifts in thinking was powerful.

I recommend checking it out and here are a few of Lisa Nichols’ statements:

“Sometimes, the biggest breakthrough comes from what you unlearn.”

“I’m a major part of my own rescue.”

“Abundance is a 360 degree experience—health, relationships, and spiritual groundedness.”

“Money is a dignified conversation to have because when good people do well, they are empowered to make a difference in others’ lives.”

“Abundant thinkers give themselves permission to fail all the time.”

If any of these statements resonate with you, contact a coach.

Ready to make a shift in your thinking which assists you in changing your life for the better?

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