Why Make a Shift?

Once an individual makes a shift in their thinking there’s no going back. What does this mean?

I heard an example of a shift while listening to a This American Life podcast during my run this AM. The podcast focus was a prison’s production of Hamlet. Several of the incarcerated spoke about the impact of acting and being part of a team.

One man stated he’d always thought he was stupid. Now he knows he is just uneducated. He stated he understands that if he applies himself, he can do things he didn’t believe he was capable of doing. The podcast ended by summarizing some of the jobs and careers these individuals attained post prison release. The podcast was first produced in 2002.

We tell ourselves stories about ourselves. In the above example a man’s self told story was that he was stupid. His self story led him to take actions that landed him in prison. When he changed his story, he changed his actions and rose to a fuller expression of himself which impacted himself, his family, and society in a positive manner.

Seems obvious and basic, right?

All of us tell ourselves stories. We make stuff up.

These stories often, perhaps always, go back to early childhood experiences. Even people with the best of intentions say things that land in a way that creates fertile ground to feel bad about ourselves leading to untrue stories about who we are and what we are capable of becoming or not becoming.

You don’t have to hire a coach to make a shift in your thinking. However, professionally trained coaches have attained the skills to help you make a shift.

One of the many aspects of coaching I find most powerful is that once a person learns what this shift in thinking is like, she not only continues to help herself but she helps her colleagues, her kids, her significant other see what is possible.

Possibilities expand, actions follow, your life is enriched.

Inner Progress


Link to podcast: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/218/act-v

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  1. Amy Selwyn says:

    Thank you for this amazing recommendation, Kate. I had somehow missed this one. And it is mind blowing. And you are right — the shift is tremendous. Great post.

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