Winning The Lottery


originally posted June 28, 2011


I didn’t dare look at my husband.  The setting was public and I was afraid his acknowledgment of what I was feeling would unleash my emotions.


I didn’t want to start bawling my eyes out in the MFA in Boston!


I didn’t win the lottery but the feeling I had while viewing the Dale Chihuly exhibit of modern works of art in glass couldn’t be any less joyful.


I’d been giving lots of thought to ‘life purpose’ recently.


Living    on    purpose.


There, in front of me, exhibit after exhibit, were works of art by a team of glassblowers who seemed to be living out their ‘life purpose.’


Dale Chihuly stopped creating any actual glass art pieces after an accident.  The loss of an eye and a shoulder injury forced him to stop.  However, he didn’t stop creating art.  He drew pieces that other extraordinary glassblowers completed.


Living intentionally requires us to understand what our values are and how they help make us who we are in combination with our life experiences.


Defining and claiming a ‘life purpose’ gives us powerful direction for our lives.


A few years ago, my sister-in-law left a lucrative career.  It had become boring to her and increasing travel was taking her away from her young family.


At the time of her decision, the path wasn’t clear but the force of her values was.


She became a Family Service Counselor.  She works at a large cemetery and lovingly asssists families and individuals as they decide what arrangements they want to make for the funeral, burial, or anything else associated with their last event on this planet, their death.


Over the years, since following her values, and utilizing her previous sales experience, she has succeeded in growing her income in a profession that gives her great joy while being the kind of wife and mother she wants to be.


Following her life purpose has proven to be a dynamic way of living toward balance.  She is living a fulfilling life.  Her life.


The common thread between her life as a Family Service Counselor and Dale Chihuly and his team of glassblowers seems to be fulfillment and living a life of purpose.


A coach can assist the client in the process of defining the client’s life purpose through clarifying the client’s values.  A coach can assist the client in making a personal statement that supports the client’s life purpose.  A life purpose statement gives us clarity and points us in the direction we desire in order to lead fulfilling lives.


A personal, private, unique mission statement.


For me, knowing one’s life purpose is much better than winning the lottery!


LIFE—it’s not about luck!

Inner Progress!




P.S. Link to MFA’s Chihuly exhibit:



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