Your Year in Review, A Guide

Looking back at the end of any year can be confusing. It may seem as though 1 or 2 events engulfed the year.

Your year wasn’t made up of one or 2 events but an accumulation of actions, thoughts, feelings, happenings within your control, and happenings outside of your control. You know this but all of us feel lost at times.

Looking for a simple, thought provoking way to assess your past year?

Perhaps this guide will be of assistance.

Here is a list of 8 categories descriptive of parts of your life:

Family and Friends
Significant Other/Romance
Fun and Recreation
Personal Growth
Physical Environment

Ask yourself 2 questions for each category.
Question 1: What was my greatest accomplishment in this area this year?
Question 2: What was the opportunity or challenge which presented itself to me this year?

Write them down.

What comes up for you?
What feelings are associated with these reminders/revelations?
What, if anything, do you want to do about this knowledge?
What do you want to pay closer attention to next year?
What do you want to create more space for in your life?
What actions will you take to exhibit, to yourself, forward movement?
What will you do to celebrate/honor your action taking?

All the resources you need rest within you.

If you are looking for an outside, objective, professional to assist you into tapping into your resources, consider hiring a coach.

Most coaches provide a complimentary session to determine if the 2 of you are the right fit for one another at this time in your life.

On my contact page, you’ll be able to sign up for a complimentary coaching session and find out about my package rate.

Inner Progress.

Happy New Year!

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