“You’re Not The Boss of ME!”



originally posted on Thursday, August 11, 2011


He can’t speak but he sure communicates this sentence clearly!


He is a 4 yr. old, 100 lb. BYD (Big Yellow Dog) and the alpha of his litter.


He believes he is the “Alpha” of this pack.  He is NOT!


However, after 2 separate courses in obedience training and countless hours of work over these past several years, we have come to an agreement.


I’m conscious that I want a dog that is well-behaved.  I’m conscious that I will not make the effort to take his training further.  I haven’t shared this with him.  He will never be a show dog.  I’m good with that!


In addition to our pets, we make agreements with others regularly; at home, at work, on the highway…


Also, we make agreements with ourselves.  All the time.  Some of these agreements are conscious, some are not.


We make agreements with ourselves about exercise, food intake, alcohol consumption, personal growth, …The list is seemingly, endless!


Making conscious decisions / agreements with ourselves about the things that affect our personal and professional life is an empowering move.


Being conscious makes a difference.


On a personal level, being aware that taking care of one’s health by eating properly and exercising regularly, for instance, is saying “yes” to something.


On a professional level, consciously evaluating how to take your career to a different level or to enhance your professional growth in your present role takes deep thought.


Deep thought is saying “yes” to something, too.

“Yes” to self respect, self love, worthiness, and the desire for a fulfilling life.


It’s a commitment to yourself and to living a fulfilling life.


Professional coaches are trained to ask powerful questions to get you into a place of deep thought.  These aren’t everyday questions and the listening practiced by coaches isn’t your everday listening.


What are you saying “yes” to today?


Inner Progress.





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