When You Find Something Wonderful

Yesterday, I missed a presentation. I was attending the PA Conference for Women in Philadelphia. I was on my way to this presentation when I decided to take a swing by the Coaches Corner, where I’d worked that morning. Last year, it hadn’t been very busy at the Coaches Corner where pro bono consultations were […]

Staying Motivated

Does it matter what keeps us motivated? I believe it does but perhaps that’s due to my own story. I felt the need to increase my cardiovascular exercise. I chose running and after a few attempts I began to get into a groove. A few months into my running program at age 55, my younger […]

Try Something New!

One aspect about being a professional coach is all the self learning that transpires. The client isn’t the only one who learns. For instance, I’ve learned when I am BS’ing myself! That isn’t the technical coach language but you get the picture! For instance, I’ve realized for awhile the need to step up the cardio […]