“Kate took me through a major transition in my career with little understanding of what the next chapter in my professional career looked like and has supported me in designing the life I always wanted. The work/life balance is a tough one to figure out for most entrepreneurs and it was Kate’s guidance that put me on the path towards balance, not away from it. I highly recommend Kate and her coaching services to any professional, family or couple looking for that work/life balance.”

A.K. Entrepreneur


“It was a pleasure to have Kate help me set goals for my retail business!  She is so encouraging and realistic!  My business is now thriving and I am more confident in my decision-making.  I can’t thank her enough!”

M.D.  Owner, Valley Wine Cellar, Inc.


“Kate is an inspirational leader and a top-notch motivational coach.  I witnessed her take a sales team experiencing lackluster results to top quartile levels of performance.   With one key business metric, they were tops in that nationwide company for three consecutive years.  Her unparalleled drive and determination are combined with tremendous communication and listening skills.  Simply put, “Kate makes a difference!”  Any organization or individual would benefit from working with this consummate professional.”  

R.L.  Executive Leader


“I truly believe that coaching benefits individuals at any level!  It is extremely hard to be self-motivated for even the most ambitious sales professional.  Coaching offers an independent and objective assessment of strengths and weaknesses as well as a supportive environment to help anyone move to the next level.  Kate always struck just the right balance of support and challenge for me.  I use many of the tactics I learned early in my career today– and hopefully with greater success with each year of practice because of her coaching!” 

R.W. Top Producer, Real Estate Professional 


“There are certain people you encounter in life that you know will have a lasting impact on you, I can honestly say that Kate is certainly one of them. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and really provided me with guidance and valuable insight. Thank you Kate!”

M.K. Real Estate Professional


“When I played football in HS and college, I could tell whether or not the coach had a winning attitude by how the players were drawn to that type of coach. They wanted to play for that coach even if that coach was hard or demanding.  Kate’s coaching in the business world shared a lot of similarities with my experience as an athlete.  Kate created a winning feeling in the office which was recognized for top performance year in and year out.  Those of us who worked for her were drawn to Kate and wanted to be part of the atmosphere and the team building environment that she created.”

J.H. National Award Winning Mortgage Loan Officer



“There are some people who are born to a profession. No, it’s more than a profession: it’s a calling. And it’s based on gift, on a willingness to explore and on the kind of intuition and intelligence that is both rare and incredibly special.

Kate Johnson is one of those people. She was clearly born to be a coach. She is a person who can help others be the change they want to see in their world.

Kate is an outstanding listener, for starters. She listens actively, and she makes it clear that the floor is yours for as long as you need it. Kate will respond with supportive and non-judgmental questions, aimed at helping you — the client — explore more deeply and just plain figure it out. But there’s more to it than just words. Kate is exceptionally skilled at driving toward action. Exploring is great, but exploring and acting on what you’ve learned about what you need is what it is all about. And Kate excels at both.

And here’s the best part: Kate has done significant time in “the real world”. She has slugged it out in sales positions and she’s worked within hierarchies and in environments where politics are rife. She can help with what I’ll call Real Life Navigation. In other words, she coaches with real life experience!

If what you’re looking for is the opportunity to work with someone really smart, really focused, really caring and really creative, then Kate is the coach for you. I recommend her in the highest possible terms.”

Amy Selwyn
Founder, Storytegic 


 “ I don’t know what you do to market yourself but you need to let Real Estate Managers know about your coaching.  You’ve been very helpful to me.

N.P. Real Estate Manager



“Kate has an amazing ability to nurture.  Her tangible energy of calmness and exceptional listening skills motivated me to have more confidence and seek positive rewards.  Working with her not only strengthened my career, but who I am as a person today.”

M.B. Sales Professional


“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Kate for many years. If I were to rate Kate’s competence, caring and commitment on a scale of 1 to 10, Kate would rate a 25! She is an outstanding listener who takes a genuine interest in her clients’ needs. Kate’s tremendous professional ability is exceeded only by her great success as a person.”  

T.C. Attorney



“Starting a new career in real estate had me feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Kate’s effective coaching techniques were critical to keeping me on track.  Kate provided guidance, support, and honest feedback which resulted in decreased stress levels and increased job satisfaction.”

J.S.  Sales Professional







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